Are you looking for a professional interior photographer for your project?  Studio de Nooyer will help you out! We take the photography of your project to a next level. Our photographers have a lot of experience with interior photography. It’s our daily work, after all.

From our home base in Amsterdam we photograph interiors all over the world. In addition to taking overview photos, we also photograph furniture and lighting in close-up. Details of the materials used are also interesting to show.


We work for all kinds of companies, most fo them active in the construction world. Architects, interior designers and suppliers. Project developers and marketing agencies also ask us to photograph their interiors.
Our clients will have the interior photographed of their company, office, home or shop. Hotels and restaurants also pass by, as do special projects such as a church, school, hospital and train station.


Photographing the atmosphere of an interior is the starting point. How is the space organized, for example? Where can we find interesting sightlines? What colors and materials have been used?

We also like to show the user of the interior. This way, the size of a room quickly becomes clear. It also shows how elements of the interior are used. How does that special door open? Where do people come together?

Where necessary, elements of the interior are additionally lighted. That way we can quickly visualize what story the photo really needs to tell. For example, that beautiful piece of furniture or the special use of materials. Or simply because no lighting has yet been installed on the just finished project.


After taking the interior pictures, we start with the image processing, or post-production of the images. This post-processing is done on large (color) calibrated monitors. This way we can see all the details and colors of the photos. After color corrections, the materials used are shown as they actually look on location. This creates representative images of the project.

When the photos are ready, the customer will receive perfectly finished photos in high resolution. This allows the photos to be used on a website, as a downsized image, but printing them meters wide is also possible.

Some examples of our interior photos can be seen on this page. Many projects with interior photos can also be found in our portfolio.


Do you have a project that you need a professional interior photographer.
Do you have a project for which you want to hire an interior photographer? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote!