Studio de Nooyer is an international company active in the field of architectural photography.

The firm specialises in both exterior and interior photography. Everything that is drawn, designed and built is a potential subject, and the subjects are as varied as the clients. This client base consists of architects, city planners, property developers, publishers and advertising agencies.
Studio de Nooyer’s assignments range widely in size, from details such as materials, to furniture and interiors and large urban development projects. Photographing a smaller design within an urban context is often desirable as it gives a good impression of the direct surroundings of the project.

Capturing a building’s ‘mood’ or its interior design, the structure, the materials used, the setting within the larger urban context… every client has a different point of view. Including the user of a building into a shot is another recurring feature. This enables the viewer to better gauge the dimensions of the property or interior, but it also shows how the design is being used.

Where required, additional lighting is used on a project. The firm does so for both interior settings and the exterior of buildings. This creates more balanced and powerful images. Of course, finding the right composition or a certain interplay of lines and patterns is part of the job. However, just ‘taking’ a photograph is not sufficient. Studio de Nooyer prefers to ‘make’ photographs and puts an equal amount of effort into editing and post-production of the images.

The final photographs are provided in a high resolution, allowing the client endless flexibility to use them. They can be applied as small pictures on a website but also enlarged to life-size panoramas.

This website contains a selection of Studio de Nooyer’s large portfolio of architectural photography, including interior photography and exterior work. Everything from small details to large urban projects. The portfolio includes photography for architects, city planners, property developers, publishers and advertising agencies.


Would you like your project or interior design to be captured by a professional architectural photographer? Contact Studio de Nooyer. We strive to produce beautiful, lasting images to help clients across the world successfully showcase their projects.

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